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Our mission is to provide support to families struggling to pay for medicine/medical care their child needs to stay alive. Founded by Dorian Maag, PhD, RoEll Inc. was established based on the belief that no parent should ever have to make the choice between paying for life saving medicine for their child or paying rent or buying groceries. In this country, that isn’t a choice any parent should be forced to make. However, many parents do have to make the decision every day due to high insurance premiums and co-pays that make it a financial struggle to get their child medicine/medical care they need to stay alive.

Dr. Maag has two children with Type 1 Diabetes, who rely on lifesaving insulin every day. She has witnessed several families who have children with chronic medical conditions, struggle financially or have to get second jobs just to pay for the co-pays for the medicine or medical care that their child must have to stay alive, for a disease that couldn’t be prevented and that there is no cure for. Donations to this nonprofit will help provide temporary support to families who are unable to afford or who are struggling to afford the medicine and care that their child needs to stay alive.

RoEll Inc. recently expanded the age range to 30. This critical age range is when young adults are aging off their parents insurance, and struggling to find affordable healthcare or afford their medicine due to high co-pays or deductibles. This is causing them to ration their lifesaving medicine or not be able to afford it at all, leading to untimely and unnecessary deaths. 

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Parent Testomonials:

"This is the first time, I have felt hope, that someone can actually help me with the medical care and insulin for my child".  From a parent requesting assistance with  an insulin copay as well as  help  with hospital bills for their child with Type  1 Diabetes. 

How RoEll has helped in local communities

We have been able to assist families with paying for copays for their child's insulin, provide assistance for a hospital bill for a child with a chronic illness, and provide many families with coupons/rebates to lower the copay cost for their child's medicine. In addition, we have referred families to other local nonprofits/ that may be able to assist them. 

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